Big Update for Con Man the Game

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Con Man the Game from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion has a new update.

Hey everyone, Alan, Nathan, PJ and everyone from Con Man are excited to share this big update for your game! A really big one. So listen up, this is what we’ve added to Con Man the Game: You’re own Con Manager’s office! Yes, you now have a office where you can collect and store the rarest of con items – like a … Read More

I Lost my Damn Game!

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Con Man the Game

So let’s talk about Cloud Save and Overwrite. Some players have experienced an issue using this feature when their device craps out, or they try to switch to another device (don’t do that). I have listed some questions below that might help them better understand the work flow so they know which to choose if they happen delete or loose their game. The most important thing … Read More

Day 1

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Day one on the set of Con Man Season 2. Great start! Amazing team! Follow Executive Producer and Showrunner @PJHaarsma to see them as they happen.    

Not 1 but 2 hilarious videos of Alan & PJ talking about the Spectrum Comic!

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  Actor Alan Tudyk is no stranger to comic book conventions, having made his name on series like “Firefly” and “Dollhouse” and lending his voice to “Young Justice,” “Superman: War” and many more. But where things get interesting is when art imitates life — with hilarious results as it does in his webseries “Con Man.” The series stars Tudyk as … Read More