Updates, Saves, and the Future

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This has been a mental last three months in the development of Conman the Game. The Valentine’s Day Update unexpectedly produced weird bugs – not unlike how some Valentines Day dates can produce weird bugs. The bugs are annoying and hard to kill and ultimately need more than medicated shampoo to get rid of. Luckily the Con Man The Game tech team exterminated the suckers.

Bug 1:
Jack Moore Con bag with Wray Nerely’s face one it – Stomped
Bug 2: Distorting the expansion on the con goer’s floor – Poisoned.
Bug 3: Nathan and Alan’s cake frustrations – Blackmailed into suicide. (More Birthday cake next year!)
Bug 4: Issues around saving the game and retaining player progress – Disemboweled,
Eviscerated, and repeatedly taunted with politically questionable slang.

We are also working to make it easier to save your game without losing progress when deleting, re-downloading, and changing phones. Remember there is no shame in getting bugs, even Chewbacca’s had fleas. If you’re are having issues with your game being saved, fill out the form on this site in the GAME section. You can also reach out via the Conman Twitter/Facebook page about any bug or bug like related issues. Thanks to everyone and their continued support in making this game a success. It could not be possible without you!


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