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Con Man the Game. Game of Year Finalist.


Have you ever tried to run your own comic book convention? We’ll, it’s not easy. There are toilets to clean, garbage cans to empty and naked grannies running loose who need to be covered up. Join Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and friends as they help you reach for the greatest con ever: Shock-A-Con! But watch out for the aliens of cancelled-to-soon sci-fi show, Spectrum as they try and destroy what you’ve built.
Based on their hit show, Con Man - now airing on Comic Con HQ, the game brings together the cast of season 1 while you take on the role of Convention Manager. Good luck!

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Build your own Con!

  • It's FREE

    Hush it down!

  • Unlock Rare Items

    Daily Con Bags with Con Cash and rare items to equip your Super Fans

  • VIP Celebrities booths and characters

    Find Celebs and build their VIP booths.

  • English and French Releases

    Soon followed by German

  • Unlimited Levels

    Build the greatest Con and even surpass the world renown ShakaCon

  • SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and Hero themes

    Get your nerd on!

  • Kick Alien butt

    Collect Super Fans to kick alien butt (if they even have butts).

  • Built with muscle

    From the awesome power of Frima studios.

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