Big Update for Con Man the Game

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Con Man the Game from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion has a new update.

Hey everyone, Alan, Nathan, PJ and everyone from Con Man are excited to share this big update for your game! A really big one. So listen up, this is what we’ve added to Con Man the Game:

  • You’re own Con Manager’s office! Yes, you now have a office where you can collect and store the rarest of con items – like a bottle of Jack Moore sweat! Why anyone would want that is beyond me, but some people do, so start collecting!
  • More levels! Some of you are so good, and so fast, you’re already at level 30 so get out there and get to level 31, or 32… or 40. More game levels to come as well.
  • We fixed those darn toilets! No more people complaining they can’t find a toilet. What a relief – for them, mostly.
  • That pesky warning sign from Every Play is gone and the camera is fixed so start posting videos of your con. Nathan Fillion wants to see them.
  • A new way to save your Con Man game so you can share across devices and force save to protect your game data.
  • The whole cleaning staff was out there polishing the tables, squashing the bugs and organizing everything so your con will run much smoother. Enjoy!

(Oh, did I mention the new collectibles!!! Quit reading and start playing.)

Download: Con Man the Game for iOS , Download: Con Man the Game for Android.

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