Updates, Saves, and the Future

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This has been a mental last three months in the development of Conman the Game. The Valentine’s Day Update unexpectedly produced weird bugs – not unlike how some Valentines Day dates can produce weird bugs. The bugs are annoying and hard to kill and ultimately need more than medicated shampoo to get rid of. Luckily the Con Man The Game … Read More

New Game Forums!

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Con Man now has forums!

We’ve created shiny new forums for the Con Man gaming community. This gives players a direct links to the designers and the dev team to share ideas, help squash bugs, learn tips and meet friends. We’ll share upcoming builds as well as contests that we have planned. Remember, if you want to submit an official bug report, please go here: … Read More

More Updates On the Way

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Squashing Bugs Con Man

Well, we finally squashed the spinning blue wheel of death. Thank you so much for your patience with that one. It was difficult for us to track down the culprit as we could not recreate the issue ourselves. Big thanks to the player who sent in their phone data and cracked the case and a big thanks to Frima Studio. … Read More

Big Update for Con Man the Game

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Con Man the Game from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion has a new update.

Hey everyone, Alan, Nathan, PJ and everyone from Con Man are excited to share this big update for your game! A really big one. So listen up, this is what we’ve added to Con Man the Game: You’re own Con Manager’s office! Yes, you now have a office where you can collect and store the rarest of con items – like a … Read More

I Lost my Damn Game!

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Con Man the Game

So let’s talk about Cloud Save and Overwrite. Some players have experienced an issue using this feature when their device craps out, or they try to switch to another device (don’t do that). I have listed some questions below that might help them better understand the work flow so they know which to choose if they happen delete or loose their game. The most important thing … Read More

Con Man the Game Development News

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Con Man the Game, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, PJ Haarsma

Hey Con-goers! We are using this NEWS section of the Con Man site to keep you informed about what we are doing to the game. The blog will also contain news about Con Man in general, but you can sort the blog for GAME DEVELOPMENT in the categories if you just want to know what’s happening in Con Man the … Read More