I Lost my Damn Game!

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Con Man the Game

So let’s talk about Cloud Save and Overwrite. Some players have experienced an issue using this feature when their device craps out, or they try to switch to another device (don’t do that). I have listed some questions below that might help them better understand the work flow so they know which to choose if they happen delete or loose their game.

The most important thing to understand is that we do not save a version of your game on our servers, so if you loose your game, we do not have a copy of it. It’s like when my computer crashes during Photoshop and I want Adobe to give me back the image I’d been working on for hours. Adobe just doesn’t have it. (But I still curse them.)

Con Man the Game cloud-save

Pop-Up screen when re-loading your game.

  • 1. Where is this Cloud Save thing?
    • The game uses the Apple Cloud save and Google Play Cloud save features. Players with a valid Apple ID or a Google Play account have access to this service.
  • 2. What is the difference between Cloud save and Overwrite in the pop-up? It’s confusing.
    • Cloud save is meant to serve as a backup to restore a previous game progression after re-installing the app on a device if the player’s device craps out. It does not allow you to switch to another device. Overwrite is to use when you want to start a game from the beginning. Only choose this if you want to begin again. (Yes, some people want to do that.)
  • 3. Why am I missing game progression if I load a Cloud Save. Where the hell are my Comix?!
    • The game can only save periodically and at some key moments on the cloud. Otherwise, constantly saving on the cloud would create performance issues for the game and ruin the experience. (Like loosing my game doesn’t?!)
  • 4. If I’m missing my game after using cloud save, or if I select Overwrite, is there any way to get it back my stuff, including purchases?
    • If the cloud is not up to date, and local data is lost, there is no way to retrieve the lost game play or currencies. I know that sucks, but blame technology.
  • 5. To hell with technology, I blame you! What are you doing to change this because I don’t like it.
    • In the next update, we’ll add a new game flow that will facilitate playing on multiple devices, and allow you to manually save – especially after a purchase. Aside from the automatic saves, players will be able to upload their local save manually from the option menu to be sure that the cloud save is up to date. It may feel cumbersome, but your stuff will be safer.

This new game flow will reduce some data loss issues as it gives players control as to when they want to “force” a save. In some cases it may allow players to recover lost data, but this is not guaranteed. It will depend on their saving habits. (Remember the Photoshop thingy I mentioned at the start.)

The new save process will remove the overwrite mention and will only refer to the Cloud Save where you can manually save on the Apple or Google Play game servers.

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