February 21, 2017 at 1:46 am #1712

Yeah, you can hire Stutter while opening bags, but if you are buying bags to get comix and then you spend comix to hire him, it kind of defeats the purpose… or makes it less lucrative, anyhow.

I would make a ‘free cell’, but I’d need 3 of them to span my con right now, and that’s just on one side! And then you lose the resources you invested in whatever’s there in the first place. And those spaces don’t generate anything either.

I already upgraded everything to the maximum when I expanded my con to its limit (except the toilets… I like the ‘medium toilets’). I meant AFTER that, could you upgrade a booth… like spend a certain % of the building cost to get another 1% change of con bags, or increase $$/XP generation by 50%, etc.

I haven’t noticed that XP from contract expiry freezes while harvesting con bags, but I have run into a similar bug. If I harvest something and the $$/XP/comix is on the screen (it’s hasn’t ‘flown’ up to the meters yet) and then I go in and harvest con bags, they stay frozen on the screen, never ‘collected’. But I did discover that if I quit the game and come back, they are harvested then. So you don’t lose that stuff. It’s just annoying to see frozen on your screen.

That’s a good tip about Nudie Judy! I never realized that!