• February 17, 2017 at 4:01 am #1424

      Anyone have any ideas for the developers? I’ve been playing this game since the day it was released, and I guess I play it too much, because I hit maximum pretty fast. I’m liking that with this new update I can keep expanding my con now. But that leads to a new problem: moving around. I have a difficult time moving a booth from one end of my con to another, because there just isn’t enough free space to slide it, so I can then scroll over to see the next part of the con… rinse and repeat.

      Maybe there could be some kind of ‘temporary storage’ for a single booth, so that you could put it in storage (Captain Hammerspace? LOL…) and then remove it when you scroll to the other side.

      It would also be great to be able to upgrade booths that already exist when you have no more space. For a long time I was just harvesting booths, gaining cash and comix, because I had maxed out and there was nothing else to do. If I had been able to upgrade my booths to produce more/more often, that would have been nice, since I couldn’t place anything new.

      I buy a lot of con bags. Could we have options for purchasing more than 5 at a time? Although I run into problems there. I’ll be opening con bags, which takes time (especially the ‘collation’ at the end) and aliens will attack while I’m in the middle of it. And I can’t get out to defend my con. Can ‘visitors’ (both good and bad) be suspended while you are in the office or buying con bags?

      Is there something we can do with all of the collectibles? I have them all (well, except for the organic meats, since I just updated to that now) and I have soooo many of some of these items. Maybe if we collect 10 of an item, we can turn them into con bags? Or something? I know there are a couple that give you buffs to the cons, but there are so many that do nothing, even when you collect the ‘higher quality’ versions of them.

      We need more superfan tokens! Ever since collectibles were brought into the game, superfan tokens have dropped to almost nil. I think the collectible/superfan token drop ratio needs to be adjusted.

      Okay, I know I have more ideas, but that’s all for now…

    • February 17, 2017 at 7:52 pm #1525

      Hi, Jun!

      Great suggestions! Here are a couple of tips I’ve come up with for some of the issues:

      Regarding moving things around, I would love to be able to store booths the way we can store the Deco Items. In the meantime, I tore down one of my four VIP booths to make a “free cell.” I moved the nearest large booth there, creating a new “free cell,” and just shifted things around that way. Once I was able to expand my Con again, I kept a large area with just High Superfan Power Deco Items, which I can store temporarily when I need the space to move booths around.

      Regarding upgrading booths, when I maxed out on Levels and expansions a while ago, I went through, tore down low-yield booths and replaced them with high-yield booths.

      Regarding buying Con Bags, I hire Stutter to keep aliens away. There’s time to buy Seven 5-packs before his contract expires. And I’ve noticed that aliens don’t attack when Nudie Judy is doing her thing. As soon as I assign Security to go after her, I start buying bags. there’s time to buy three 5-packs before Security catches up with her. One glitch that comes in handy, but you have to look out for, is that nobody moves while you’re in the Con Bag store. This is great for keeping Nudie Judy from running around upsetting con-goers while I shop, but it also means that if a contract expires while you’re in the store, the XP freeze on the screen. I keep an eye on Stutter’s contract between purchases, and stop to speed up (for free) any temp worker whose contract is about to expire so the rewards will get counted.

      I agree, monetizing extra Collectibles would be great! Maybe also the extra Deco Items?

      I’d like to see more Superfan Buttons in the 5-Pack too. 🙂 Also, is there a new Superfan in the works? In order to get Bobbie’s signed figurine, I need to level up 12 Superfans, but I only have 11.

    • February 21, 2017 at 1:46 am #1712

      Yeah, you can hire Stutter while opening bags, but if you are buying bags to get comix and then you spend comix to hire him, it kind of defeats the purpose… or makes it less lucrative, anyhow.

      I would make a ‘free cell’, but I’d need 3 of them to span my con right now, and that’s just on one side! And then you lose the resources you invested in whatever’s there in the first place. And those spaces don’t generate anything either.

      I already upgraded everything to the maximum when I expanded my con to its limit (except the toilets… I like the ‘medium toilets’). I meant AFTER that, could you upgrade a booth… like spend a certain % of the building cost to get another 1% change of con bags, or increase $$/XP generation by 50%, etc.

      I haven’t noticed that XP from contract expiry freezes while harvesting con bags, but I have run into a similar bug. If I harvest something and the $$/XP/comix is on the screen (it’s hasn’t ‘flown’ up to the meters yet) and then I go in and harvest con bags, they stay frozen on the screen, never ‘collected’. But I did discover that if I quit the game and come back, they are harvested then. So you don’t lose that stuff. It’s just annoying to see frozen on your screen.

      That’s a good tip about Nudie Judy! I never realized that!

    • February 26, 2017 at 12:57 am #1753

      Interesting on the Nudie Judy! (and I’d *love* to make something off the gazillion of her dresses that I have! 😛 )

      As I’m now approaching my 220 (? just did the 210) Comix expansion, the ability to zoom out a bit more would be helpful! It’s really hard to plan where you’re going to move things to when you can’t see more than a portion of it! I’d love that booth storage option too, but not being able to see much of it definitely can cause problems.

    • February 28, 2017 at 3:55 am #1761

      Hi Jun, just saw your reply. Stutter only costs 2 Comix, so I find it worth the investment when I can buy seven 5-packs while he’s keeping distractions at bay.

      Yeah, it sounds like my free cell advice won’t work for your Con. It really would be nice to be able to store the specialty booths so we can move them around!

      Also, when I checked the Office recently, I had in fact acquired the signed Bobbie Figurine! They must have changed the requirement, so it looks like there won’t be a 12th Superfan.

      Hi, Demonpoofball, welcome! I agree, being able to zoom out more would be great! I’m taking it slowly with the final expansions, and trying to figure out how best to use the new space. I like the Specialty Booths, but I can make so much more money off multiple regular booths in the same amount of space.

    • May 3, 2017 at 8:03 pm #1956

      I have to agree with the suggestions about monetizing the collectibles and increasing the superfan buttons. I’m not sure what purpose it serves to have more than one of each collectible. And I’ve gone through a couple hundred gold con bags since I got a single button. When the collectibles arrived, I immediately saw a decrease in buttons, and then over time they trickled down to nothing. Is there something I’m missing? Is there a way to get them to come back?

    • May 7, 2017 at 8:35 pm #1971

      I still get superfan buttons, but it’s reaaaaalllly rare now. I finally got Dick Trimmings, but he’s still level 1, because I haven’t gotten any buttons since. Meanwhile, I’m swimming in collectibles and decorative items and specialty booths!

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