February 17, 2017 at 7:52 pm #1525

Hi, Jun!

Great suggestions! Here are a couple of tips I’ve come up with for some of the issues:

Regarding moving things around, I would love to be able to store booths the way we can store the Deco Items. In the meantime, I tore down one of my four VIP booths to make a “free cell.” I moved the nearest large booth there, creating a new “free cell,” and just shifted things around that way. Once I was able to expand my Con again, I kept a large area with just High Superfan Power Deco Items, which I can store temporarily when I need the space to move booths around.

Regarding upgrading booths, when I maxed out on Levels and expansions a while ago, I went through, tore down low-yield booths and replaced them with high-yield booths.

Regarding buying Con Bags, I hire Stutter to keep aliens away. There’s time to buy Seven 5-packs before his contract expires. And I’ve noticed that aliens don’t attack when Nudie Judy is doing her thing. As soon as I assign Security to go after her, I start buying bags. there’s time to buy three 5-packs before Security catches up with her. One glitch that comes in handy, but you have to look out for, is that nobody moves while you’re in the Con Bag store. This is great for keeping Nudie Judy from running around upsetting con-goers while I shop, but it also means that if a contract expires while you’re in the store, the XP freeze on the screen. I keep an eye on Stutter’s contract between purchases, and stop to speed up (for free) any temp worker whose contract is about to expire so the rewards will get counted.

I agree, monetizing extra Collectibles would be great! Maybe also the extra Deco Items?

I’d like to see more Superfan Buttons in the 5-Pack too. ­čÖé Also, is there a new Superfan in the works? In order to get Bobbie’s signed figurine, I need to level up 12 Superfans, but I only have 11.