February 3, 2018 at 7:17 am #2326

Hey Captntight,

I’m a Beta Player and have sent in comments regarding the Frisk 3 Con Goers Mission, and the fact that Karen’s Tips are the only way to complete the Find a Visitor’s Friend and Find Pills missions. I’ve also purchased Collectibles that are not showing up in my Office, and have sent that info in too. Hoping this will be fixed with the next update!
I’ve found that if I pause a few seconds before clicking on the security guard to escort Jack, he’s less likely to hold Jack against the wall. There’s really no way to predict which way Jack will walk, so I’ve positioned my Wray Booth where Jack will enter, and wait till towards the end of the party to click on the security guard to ensure Jack pops in while the most people are there.
Bummer about Jack hanging around and keeping everyone else away. That hasn’t happened to me, but I do have a problem with Promoters not completing their assignments. I’ve found that if I refresh the game (on Facebook) or close and reopen the game (on my phone) the assignment will show as completed. Perhaps refreshing or closing and opening a few times would clear Jack? Hope you hold on till the next update!