January 25, 2018 at 9:08 pm #2320

I’m experiencing the same thing . For the past week nothing is happening. No attacks, no con crud, no nudie Judy, no Jack Moore visits and no tips from Karen. I also noticed that Jack Moore seems to be walking around my con and trying to click on him does nothing. It seems to have started after 2 days of getting a “game cannot be played at this time” message and after I got Jerry’s signed Mo cap suit. Some other issues I’ve been having since update include Wray’s booth has not sold a single autograph since the update. No matter how many guards I hire (35) not one has counted towards the Frisk 3 Con goers mission. Karen’s tips are randomly counted for the mission no matter if I click on her or not. The Loot Store shows me needing collectibles that I already have. When Jack Moore would visit he just stands still and doesn’t move or when he does move, it’s with 2-3 seconds left and he goes in the direction with the fewest con goers. Sadly, if I can’t get the Leaf on the Wind poster or the signed Brownish Jacket there’s really no reason to keep playing