July 17, 2017 at 12:28 am #2144

I’ve got a signed DrChua out of those figures, but that’s the only one.

Jack Moore wanders a bit for me, not all that far, but a bit. He pretty much always comes in from that side area. Sometimes he does hang out against the wall with the security guy… they’re both apparently happy about it. 😛 I moved Wray’s booth over there to see what happens when Jack actually wanders past it, and if you can get people there, it’s pretty impressive with the explosion of XP’s and $, but nobody likes to visit him over on the side, especially with my Con being so big now. 😛

I can get all three of my promo folks to do a survey at the same time— just not if the Temp guys are on their final task… (you apparently have to actually be able to click that checkmark, and on a Temp’s final task’s end, they just evaporate)

And it appears that the Tooth Fairy has crossed back over into this dimension with the latest update. 😀