July 14, 2017 at 11:25 pm #2141

I couldn’t get the update even though I was supposedly a beta tester so I reinstalled the tester link and got the update with the cowboy hat offer. I used to use comix on Con Crud, but my con is so big now, I just let him wander around till he disappears. He doesn’t affect my con hype that much. Wayne’s parties do get rid of him, but not the puke puddles. Here’s something you all might know already. Restock all your booths at night before you go to sleep and hire Brenda. By morning all the booths will be maxed out and here’s the tip:
Hire Jack Moore before you click them. Ignore all rodents, con crud and alien attacks till his contract expires as you restock as many booths as you can before that happens. You will get between 5-15 Gold con bags during that time for the price of 1 Gold Bag.
Question: Has anybody gotten any autographed figures from the set of 6. I have over 150 used and mint ones but not 1 single autographed figure. Is it just me?