July 14, 2017 at 3:23 am #2133

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing the Facebook version just for fun while I wait for the next upgrade. I’m pretty maxed out on my main game, so it’s been fun to start over and use some of my knowledge to build again.

About the lost notifications, I noticed a while ago (and submitted a report) that if I went to the office, I would lose notifications when I returned. I now wait to go to the office until I’m about ready to close out of the game. The Facebook version has a great Refresh button, though, so if I get a glitch, I can just click on that and resume play. I’m hoping they’ll incorporate that into the Android/IOS versions, as well as just fix the office visit glitch.

Also, is anyone else having an issue with Temp Promo Staff not completing their final task? I’ll hire them for a mission, but the last task is never counted and I have to send Bobbie out again. I’ve submitted that issue, too.

I managed to buy the Cowboy Hat on my phone. It just sits there in the office, not sure if there’s a buff.

I use the trash cans, too, when I need to build booths for a mission but don’t need any more booths. Sometimes the reward is $4,000, so I actually make $1,000 on it.

And I agree they should move the Limited Offer icon out of the way! I haven’t submitted feedback in a while, I should do so and mention that.

Happy Gaming!