June 22, 2017 at 3:34 pm #2081

Yeah, that’s the ‘special offer’ I got too. I’m on my third one and the second two were both discounted Comix offers. It’s very frustrating seeing that banner blocking my view and making me scroll more. I already scroll a lot because the zoom out is minimal. Maybe we could have the splash screen when we login to the game, but then the banner isn’t there? Or relocate the banner to the top next to the (or over the) Comix icon that tells us now many Comix we have?

PJ’s been discussing this multi-level idea for a while. It makes sense to expand the con to other floors, since the main floor so so big that it’s almost unmanageable. Since I’m fully expanded on the main floor, I’m just waiting for that update, stocking up Comix and cash.

I had the same thing with Con Crud yesterday too… I only got the message when there were already puke puddles everywhere. Interestingly, this morning it happened and I used Wray’s party to get rid of him, and the puke puddles disappeared too!