June 22, 2017 at 5:33 am #2080

I got the offer to buy Comix at a discount just now… and it’s still there staring at me… and got in the way while I was trying to force hats on people. 😛 I wanted the red hat though!! 🙁

I’m getting my vermin warnings now, but noticed I only notice I have Concrud when a plethora of exclamation marks show up almost all at once. Actually, Wray lost his driver a couple times w/out notice (I noticed as the exclamation mark went bopping across the bottom of the screen). I like to get to him really fast as “his driver” is usually really close when he loses him right away

The multi-floor thing sounds interesting, but I’m wondering how long I’d spend just restocking when I opened up the game based on how long it takes now! 😀