June 20, 2017 at 4:25 am #2060

I’ve seen the hat in the offer, and I now want that stupid red cowboy hat like you wouldn’t believe… 😛 Anybody figure out how to get it yet? I’ve got about 23 hours left…

Also, my “Special Offer” thing went away at some point. No idea where it went… which means I don’t know how I’ll get my red cowboy hat!!! 🙁 😛

btw, good thing I was waiting to pass $10 million today before upgrading to the 290 comix expansion as it got a LOT cheaper!

Otherwise, the Missions are going much faster now. And they’ve dropped the IQ on some congoers as I had a couple die on me in an aisle nobody’s has a problem with for at least a week… Aliens are still annoying but seem to die a little quicker. It’d be nice if they’d toss all 8 pills out when the dude comes in barfing. Also, I’m not getting a notification now for pests, I get the “tink” sound, but no notice (fortunately I was watching for “issues” to clear up for a mission!)

Now where’s my red cowboy hat that I never knew I needed??? 😉