• February 17, 2017 at 4:10 am #1427

      I have something of a con addiction. I attend as many as I can get to! This year my first con will be Gallifrey One (this coming weekend). Then I’m going to ECCC, WonderCon, Walker Stalker and Silicon Valley Comic Con before the end of April. In the summer, I only have 2 but they’re both big: SDCC and GenCon. In the fall I’ll probably go to San Francisco Comic Con and a Star Trek con. It’s fun to visit cons all year ’round!

      The best part was that last year I was able to see Con Man panels multiple times! But my favorite was that first panel in Hall H with all of the guest stars just coming out and coming out… I was so proud to have been an Indiegogo backer that day!

      So clearly I am west coast based. What cons do you guys visit?

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