Con Man Fanfiction Contest

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Time to bring your best fanfiction to the fore, Con Man fans – submissions with overuse of alteration will be accepted.

I didn’t think this stretch goal was attainable when we set it – but you attained it! Oh, how it was attained. I am humbled and look forward to donning a Hawaiian shirt and audio recording some new Firefly err Con Man, maybe both. I’ll be doing my own foley work as well.

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I am hopeful that you don’t elect any fiction that will be embarrassing for me to read. My mother will hear me read this. I don’t know how, whatever I do, it always finds it’s way to Mom.

So keep the innuendos as innuendos and stay away from the, 50 Shades of What the Hey, stuff. There is a reason that kind of writing is called “trashy.” Although, I call it “recycley,” “Cash locks his keys in the spaceship,” that could be a never before heard tale. “Cash is allergic to a planet and swells like a satiated tick,” another cock and bull yarn. “Cock and Bull,” is fine. “Bull cocks,” not so much.

If you have Spectrum fan fiction, that will work too. If you have fan fiction about occilating fans – go for it, although it sounds like it would blow.

Submissions with groany crap jokes will also be accepted.

So go to to enter your writing or read and vote on the one you feel brings out the best of Alan Wray Nerely Hoban Tudyk.

Now write like the wind! Blow like a fan! Soar like a leaf! Reanimate like Frankenstein!

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