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    I love all the Easter eggs, and trying to identify who did which audio clip in the game. I thought it would be fun to start a thread to discuss! I’ve found 7 Firefly references. Has anyone found more?

    PJ confirmed that Odran is from the Softwire books. Has anyone found any other Softwire references?

    I’m very new to the convention world, and my sci-fi knowledge is confined to Firefly, Star Trek TOS, Galaxy Quest, and now The Softwire series. What sci-fi shows/films/books have you seen represented in the game?

    We know that the characters from Con Man: The Series are voiced and visually represented by the cast, but there are other voices/likenesses in the game as well. I love hiring PJ to help with Promo, and Joss Whedon’s “Dave” does a great job of emptying the trash! Does anyone else love assigning Inara to clean the toilets?? I never thought she was right for Mal.

    I swear PJ also voices Bob, the main Security Guard. Any thoughts? PJ, you can wait for us to discuss before confirming or denying 🙂 I saw an interview online with Nathan and Alan by the guy whose likeness is used for Bob, but I can’t remember his name. Does anyone recognize him? Also, who are the non-Firefly maintenance staff?

    This is the place to share info on the Easter eggs you’ve found, and any game trivia you know regarding voices, likenesses, whatever!
    Let’s discuss!

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    Transmute Jun

    The details in the themed booths contain a lot of Easter eggs. There are the obvious ones, like the Stargate and the Tardis in the sci-fi booths, and the less obvious ones like the ‘Me Android’ sign (instead of ‘I Robot’). We have seen a lot of Walking Dead references in the horror booths (including the ‘Dead Inside’ doors and the prison towers) and Game of Thrones references in the fantasy booths (including an Iron Throne).

    I also presume the ‘Captain Hammertoe’ posters with Jack moore on them are a reference to Nathan’s role as Captain Hammer.

    The main security guard is Kevin Smith, who is a staple at cons.

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