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Sorry about that confusion, there is no 60-day trial currently available at this moment for Comic-Con HQ or its shows.
Comic-Con HQ is only available in the US but you can see Con Man on steam the day after it airs on Comic-Con HQ.
Comic-Con HQ is only available in the U.S., but we have great news about Con Man for you … is on Steam!
Comic-Con HQ is only available in the U.S., but we have great news about Con Man for you … it is on Itunes! Available the day after it releases on Comic-Con HQ.
We love all the amazing feedback for Season 1! It’s a passion project from the mind of Alan Tudyk and you, the fans, made it happen.

And because of that support we are happy to announce that Season 2 is in Pre-Production and will come out later this year! Get ready for more Wray Neerly and Jack Moore!

Make sure you subscribe to Comic Con HQ as that will be the exclusive provider for Con Man Season 2.

Comic Con HQ is our new partner and home for Seasons 1 and 2 of Con Man!

Comic Con HQ is a new streaming video-on-demand destination that delivers everything we love about Comic-Con right to your screen. Any time. From anywhere. All year round.

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Don’t worry! If you’ve purchased or received Con Man as a backer you can continue to watch that content forever with no issues!

Starting June 1st if you don’t already own Con Man on Vimeo, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or on DVD/BluRay. The only place you will be able to see Con Man will be on Comic Con HQ.

A: Sorry to damage your calm, my friend. Let’s get this sorted out.

Step 1: Check and double-check your perk level. Everyone EXCEPT these levels should have received a code:

  • Attendees ($5)
  • Conventioneers ($15)
  • AV-Techs ($25)
  • Game Pros ($50)
  • Photo Collectors ($50)
  • Photo Curators ($150-200)

Any of the above perk levels DO NOT get an access code. Sorry 🙁

Step 2: Goram! The perk you bought did grant you a code? Our deepest apologies. Please email your perk level and the name and email you used for the Indiegogo campaign to ananya@redbear.tv. (If you haven’t registered with Pledge Manager yet, that may be the problem.)

A: As much as we would’ve loved to put everyone’s names in the credits, only Super Fans and above perk levels got their names immortalized for all time. I know, you’re swearing by your pretty floral bonnet that you want to end me, but it’s true.
A: Go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/con-man and login to see which perk level you purchased and get the list of associated perks.
A: Your code is good for the whole series and as a gift from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion they have negotiated with Vimeo that backers will own Con Man on Vimeo forever or at least until the sun explodes. That’s over 2,000 hours of pure enjoyment you can enjoy over and over again.
A: We are very sorry for the delay but shipping items out to 46,000+ backers does take some time believe it or not. We have sent out about 99% of the backers perks so far and those who haven’t received their perks need to make sure they’ve filled out the Pledge Manager. If you have done all of this and are aiming to misbehave…please email support+conman@breadpig.com with your Pledge Manager information and what perks you haven’t received yet.
A: We have shipped out all the backer BluRay/DVD’s! Backers eligible for this perk should have received their BluRay/DVD by now.

If you still haven’t received your Con Man BluRay/DVD please email support+conman@breadpig.com with your Pledge Manager information and they’ll make sure you on the next shipment!

Otherwise you can purchase the BluRay/DVD combo set on the Con Man Store!

A: First off thank you for loving Con Man and ordering a BluRay/DVD!

If your order is domestic (US) expect your order to arrive 6 to 8 days after your order date.

If your order is international (any Country other than US) we are noticing that shipments typically arrive 3 to 4 weeks after the order date. This is due to travel and customs.

If you have any issues or questions please email barbara@mymediafast.com with your order number.

A: We are constantly updating our “Events” tab on our website. Check back there weekly to see what Con’s we are attending as well as surprise signings and more. We have the best fans and will make every opportunity to say hi!