May 7, 2017 at 7:55 pm #1968

Hi Demonpoofball!

I think Jack’s visits are similar to Wray’s parties, although unfortunately he doesn’t attract a crowd. If there are any con-goers around, they’ll take selfies and you’ll get XP. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten con cash in the past as well, if there were a lot of con-goers around. I’m thinking of moving one of my VIP booths to the area where he arrives, and see if more con-goers in the area results in more rewards. I’ve also noticed that when he beams up, his post to the Crowd Feed will completely restore Convention Hype.

I’ve seen Karen’s tip, too, but I think it’s character driven rather than game driven (who wouldn’t want Jack Moore to show up at a party hosted by Wray?) ­čÖé Nothing special seems to happen.