February 12, 2017 at 11:33 pm #1385

Great tip, KCAT! I, too, hire Brenda and Dawn steadily. I also check to make sure Brenda is in place whenever I open my game, before collecting from my food booths. Her 5X food sales buff makes quite a difference!

Yes, I have one booth that I can use for either Jack or Stutter, since they stay so briefly. For anyone thinking of spending 25 Comix for a Gold Con Bag: if you have an empty VIP Booth, spend the Comix on Jack. You’ll get the Gold Con Bag as well as all the benefits KCAT listed above.

I removed my fourth booth at some point so I’d have space to move around my theme booths. Because Tiffany stays for something like 24 hours, and I often get a Mission to solve issues, I haven’t replaced her booth. I do go through a lot of temps to fix the toilets, but it helps when I need to solve a lot of issues to complete a Mission. ­čÖé